Connie0208“Why do I write? Could it be that it helps me understand? Is it because my favorite activity is reading, so I hope to provide some of that joy for others? Or might it be that I can’t help it? Obviously, I don’t know why I write, but i expect that the reasons are many and probably varied, depending upon what kind of writing.

In writing the Mr. Water books, my reasons are the result of learning to understand what makes kids tick and how to use that to help them enjoy what has been a basic ingredient in my life, swimming. So many children are unable to take swim lessons due to limited family financial ability, and as a result, not only miss out on the pleasures in swimming, but fall victim to drowning – which is horribly unnecessary. Let’s Swim with Mr. Water helps parents actively take part in their childrens’ enjoyment AND safety by teaching them very basic lessons. As a swimming instructor for more than 60 years, I want Mr. Water to make a difference in the lives of children.

Another reason is sharing. If we are here to help others, sharing our thoughts is part of it. Nothing is truly good unless it is shared. Yes, that is what I would like to think is the seminal reason behind writing, in particular, my writing.”